Turkey River Rentals

(563) - 245 - 3802

Canoe rental: $45

Kayaks rental: $35

Boat rental (only): $25

Shuttle (only): $25

*Canoe and Kayak rentals include PFD, paddles, and free shuttle*

Our Location

How to reserve

Step #1 Pick your vessel and trip

We offer canoes and kayaks. We have two styles of canoes, the first is a traditional aluminum 17 foot canoe with two seats. The other canoes and plastic three seat boats. All kayaks are single passanger and we offer sit on top or sit in. TRR offers a variety of trip the shortest being 6.5 miles/2-3 hours and the longest being 19 miles 6-8 hours. 

Step #2 Call for a reservation

Reservations are highly recommended especially on the weekends.

Step #3 Shuttle process

Your car is parked at the take out point and we transport you upriver at the beginning of your trip.  That way, there’s no need to keep an eye on the clock and race to catch a shuttle. Our rental price is for the day if you choose to sit on a beach for several hours your are free to do so. When finished you leave all the equipment at the end and your car is at the end.

If you want to arrange your own ride, you can rent a boat for $25 and leave it at the end point when finished.